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A speciality Japanese green tea from Kagoshima province that's blended with fire toasted rice. High grade Japan Sencha leaves provide the fresh vegetative character of green tea whilst the toasted rice brings a slightly nutty-like flavour and natural sweetness.

Legend has it that a servant to the Hakone shogun accidentally served his master a tea with some stolen grains of rice that he had in his pocket. This mistake cost him his life, but the Shogun liked the taste so much that he decided to include it in his daily diet. This is how Genmaicha, today known also as “popcorn tea”, came about. It was once considered to be a drink of the lower classes, as people used to add cheap rice grains to increase the volume of pure Sencha. Today all segments of society drink Genmachia.

Genmaicha Toasted Rice Sencha Green Tea

SKU: 0026
  • 35g (1.23oz)

    How we like our tea

    2-3g in 150ml water

    70-80 degrees for 2-3 minutes

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