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Tea Grower & Merchant​

After nurturing Camellia Sinensis tea bushes for over four years, the Scottish Tea House  proudly presents this exquisite Scottish handcrafted tea "The Angels' Share" The culmination of our efforts has yielded a rare and sought-after product.

Indulge in the magic of "The Angels' Share" where the flavours of Lanarkshire's picturesque tea garden are skilfully brought to life through craftsmanship and passion. Experience the essence of Scotland's tea-making traditions in every sip of this extraordinary tea.

Be part of the journey as "The Angels' Share" joins the collection of 30 specialty teas to choose from with its exquisite flavour profile, proudly grown and handcrafted in the heart of Lanarkshire, Scotland.

We are experts in Loose Leaf Tea, and have sourced a delicious range of quality loose leaf teas from the world’s finest tea-growing regions, also served in our Tea House 

 We also offer Afternoon Tea and educational Tea Tastings 

Why Scottish Tea House

At Scottish Tea House we farm organically to produce the highest quality leaves possible. Our finished tea is 100% Scottish, unblended and single-estate. We believe in protecting the environment by developing growing methods that keep sustainability at the forefront of all our decisions.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest quality loose leaf tea that delivers exceptional taste.

Our packaging is plastic free, 100% recyclable, eye-catching and shelf friendly.

We are committed to increasing our range of single estate and organic tea.

We are a quality brand that will resonate with sophisticated tea consumers.

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