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Tea Grower & Merchant​

The royal burgh of Lanark is steeped in medieval history and was once a major force in Scotland’s food industry. Lanarkshire was often called the fruit basket of Scotland due to its fertile soil.

From fruit to tea leaves, here at Scottish Tea House we planted our own Camellia sinensis tea bushes in the summer of 2019. A long-term crop, the plants will take several years to produce enough leaves for us to start processing.

In the meantime, we have sourced a delicious range of loose leaf teas from the world’s finest tea-growing regions, which are served in our Tea House and to buy in Our Teas. We also offer Afternoon Tea and educational Tea Tastings from the Scottish Tea House in Lanarkshire (email us HERE to book)

Our Tea Garden

At Scottish Tea House we farm organically to produce the highest quality leaves possible. Our finished tea will be 100% Scottish, unblended and single-estate. We believe in protecting the environment by developing growing methods that keep sustainability at the forefront of all our decisions.

Growing tea in Scotland is not exactly straightforward. Our climate is quite challenging due to our cold and dark winters giving us a short growing season. Hence, our tea plants have been grown from cold hardy tolerant tea seeds which were imported from Nepal. But growing tea is possible here, and with much patience and learning we are on our way to producing a very special and completely unique tea..

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