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Our Organic Single Estate Fujian Wild Bailin Gongfu Black Tea is grown in Bailin Village, Fujian, 700 meters above sea level. The tea gardens here are mostly located in the gentle mountainous slopes, where acid and fertile soil is ideal for growing tea. The terroir gives this tea its floral scent and natural sweetness. This carefully chosen quality black tea is the perfect everyday go-to tea.


Our Organic Fujian Gongfu Black Tea is sweet, very stylish, slightly floral, slightly fruity, slightly malty, black tea.  When brewed, it produces a bright reddish brown infusion with a long-lasting fragrance.


This tea has a deep, full body and makes an excellent breakfast and afternoon tea, which blends well with milk for added flavour and extra smoothness.  Organic Fujian Gongfu Black Tea is a rich black tea with a sugarcane sweetness that lingers on the tongue. As the tea develops, notes of lush chocolate and soothing malt will gush to the surface. This is truly a special treat.

Breakfast Single Estate Organic Black Tea

SKU: 0028
  • 35g (1.23oz)

    How we like our tea

    2.5-3g in 200ml water

    95 degrees for 3-4 minutes

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