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A Heartfelt Thank You To Our Tea Tour/Afternoon Tea Visitors

Dear Tea Enthusiasts and Friends, As summer slowly fades into the embrace of autumn, I find myself reflecting on the wonderful memories we've shared in our tea garden over the past few months. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the hundreds of you who joined us on our journey to discover the world of Camellia Sinensis tea plants and the creation of our cherished single estate black tea, the "Angel's Share." Today, I want to extend my sincerest thanks to each and every one of you. Our tea garden tour was more than just a walk through lush greenery and aromatic tea leaves; it was a celebration of our shared love for tea and the incredible process that transforms these leaves into the liquid gold that soothes our souls. Your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn warmed our hearts and reaffirmed our passion for tea. From the moment you arrived, it was evident that this was not just a tour but a journey of discovery. Together, we explored the intricate steps involved in nurturing Camellia Sinensis tea plants – from the tender nurturing of young leaves to the careful plucking of tea leaves at the peak of perfection. Your questions and curiosity revealed a deep-seated appreciation for the art and science of tea cultivation.

There's a magic that happens when tea and Afternoon Tea come together. It's a symphony of flavours, a dance of aromas, and a celebration of tradition. At our Tea House, we take pride in curating the perfect tea pairings to enhance your Afternoon Tea experience. But our gratitude doesn't stop at your presence on the tour. Your support, both as tea lovers and ambassadors of our tea garden, is something we deeply cherish. Your feedback, smiles, and kind words have inspired us to continue our journey of tea cultivation and craftsmanship with even greater passion and dedication. As we transition into the crisp, cool days of autumn, we carry with us the warmth of your presence and the memory of our time together in the tea garden. We look forward to welcoming you back next summer, to share even more tea adventures, stories, and the ever-evolving world of

Angel's Share black tea. In closing, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks once again to all who graced our tea garden with their presence this summer. Your love for tea, your curiosity, and your appreciation for the intricacies of our craft fuel our passion and keep our tea leaves thriving. Until we meet again, may your cups be filled with the warmth of tea and the memories of our shared journey.

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