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Speciality Tea House

Tea is the second largest-most consumed beverage, just after water. When talking another way, tea is the major cultural beverage in the world.

Speciality Tea Houses not only serve tea, but are also an important centre for social interaction, sometimes referred to as a tea room, these boutique establishments offer a selection of speciality tea.

White or black, weak or strong, no matter how you prefer your tea served, there's something to be said about the act of gathering with friends and enjoying a cup of tea.

Leave any preconceived ideas you have of tea rooms at the door and step into a sleek , minimalistic space designed with floor to ceiling windows drawing you to the bio-diversity of the outside views.

At the Scottish Tea House you are encouraged to relax and stay awhile as you munch on finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and more, while sampling a carefully selected collection of Loose Leaf Tea.

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