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An authentic and time-honoured tea, Long Jing first became famous in the Song Dynasty, flourished in the Ming Dynasty and was a tribute tea presented to the emperor in the Qing Dynasty. Since the end of the last Chinese dynasty, tribute teas are now referred to as famous teas, and
Long Jing is consistently listed as one of China’s top ten famous teas.


Long Jing, sometimes called by its translated name Dragon Well, is grown around Xi Hu (West Lake) in Zhejiang province, China. The name Dragon Well comes from an old well found near to the site where this tea was first introduced. It has dense water, that when stirred with a stick or mixed with rain water creates a swirling pattern that evokes a dragon.

According to legend, the Emperor Kangxi visited West Lake during one of his famous holidays. He was so impressed by the tea produced there that he conferred 18 tea bushes with imperial status. The trees are still living today and the tea they produce is auctioned annually for a higher price per gram than gold.

Our Organic Long Jing tea is produced by hand and notable for its high quality. Expertly crafted, the fresh leaves are pan fried in order to make the surface of the finished tea leaves flat, green, smooth and bright. The lingering tea fragrance is clear and fresh. After brewing, the tea buds become tender and uniform, and elicit a sweet, lightly roasted flavour.

Our Dragon Well is a perfect introduction to the unique taste of this celebrated green tea.

West Lake Long Jing Organic Green Tea

SKU: 0010
  • 50g (1.8oz)

    How we like our tea
    3g in 200ml water
    70 degrees for 3 minutes. 

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