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Hand crafted black tea from one of the most beautiful tea gardens in the world. Produced exclusively in Qimen County, Anhui province, China. In fact ‘Keemun’ is an older Western spelling of the nearby town ‘Qimen’ located in the warm and humid high mountains. Deep yellow red and black soil surrounded by trees, and abundant rainfall perfect for growing tea trees.

This Fair Trade Certified Organic loose leaf tea leaves are tight, thin and wiry. The golden bud is bright; they are almost completely black in colour, and once infused produce a brilliant red liquor. It has a sweet fruity and floral taste lighter than other black teas allowing the sweetness to shine through. There are crisp almost pine like undertones that mix beautifully with the floral flavours. It really is a light tea with characteristic stone fruit and slightly smoky notes in the aroma and a gentle malty, non-astringent taste reminiscent of unsweetened cocoa.

Keemun Kungfu Organic Black Tea

SKU: 0019
  • 50g (1.8oz)

    How we like our tea
    2.5g in 200ml water
    98 degrees for 3 - 4 minutes. 

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