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The Gathering

As a member of Tea Scotland I have been very excited to be part of the launch of our first blended tea. Named “The Gathering”. It is a rare black tea made with leaves gathered from our members’ small tea gardens ranging across Scotland. A collaboration between eight of our members, where the fresh leaf is picked on the same day at all the individual tea gardens and then gathered together to be processed at the Scottish tea factory in central Scotland.

We are delighted with The Gathering, which has exceeded our expectations with its expressive aromas and flavours. The blend makes a sweet and seductive black tea, with notes of chocolate, wood and honeysuckle. Tea lovers can look forward to subtle changes every year depending on the amount of leaf contributed from the different geographical areas and the whims of the season.

At Scottish Tea House we farm organically to produce the highest quality leaves possible. We believe in protecting the environment by developing growing methods that keep sustainability at the forefront of all our decisions.

Growing tea in Scotland is not exactly straightforward. Our climate is quite challenging due to our cold and dark winters giving us a short growing season. Hence, our tea plants have been grown from cold hardy tolerant tea seeds which were imported from Nepal. But growing tea is possible here, and with much patience and learning we are on our way to producing our own very special and completely unique tea as well as contributing to the “Gathering”.


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