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Gong Fu Brewing

Gong Fu tea brewing involves brewing small amounts of concentrated tea for short intervals that are repeated several times. Brewing the tea in small amounts for short intervals allows the leaves to be brewed in succession, capturing the subtle essences of flavour and aroma as they are released from the tea leaves.

The Chinese term "Gong Fu Cha" refers to the traditional method of brewing Oolong Tea. When brewing Gong Fu style with teapot or Gawain use about 8g/150ml. Rinse and moisten the leaves by filling the pot with boiled water and immediately pouring off the rinse to be discarded. Then refill the pot for the first brew. Average about 50 seconds for the first brew and 10-15 seconds are added for successive brews, the third brew up to two minutes.

Quality tea can be brewed at least 5 times, and often more. Ali Shan High Mountain Oolong is one of Taiwan’s best locations to see the sunrise, a sea of clouds and a tea plantation. Cool, misty conditions and big temperature differences between day and night on this sacred mountain are perfect for creating an outstanding high mountain oolong tea on the lofty heights of one of Taiwan’s most breath-taking national parks.

With more processing steps than most other teas, mastery of the art of making oolong takes many years to perfect. The vibrant and gold coloured infusion created as the tea leaves unfurl is almost magical. Note the light orchid aroma with a slightly sweet yet complex flavour which resembles fruits and flowers with a spring woodland freshness.


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